Friday, June 17, 2011

New Home...New Blog

OK so now that we are finally settled in our new home...(yes it took us a year to get settled, dont judge me lol) I have decided to blog again. Not just the 4 times in one year blogging I did before but really blogging. So I may need some nudges now and again, because I'm horrible at this.

We learned very quickly that parking is a nightmare. A parking spot close to home is worth more than gold to us. So once our cars are parked, we stay put unless we can walk or ride our bikes to our destination. Luckily there is LOTS to do, and very close.

We go to the movies at the Pike

We've gone to the Aquarium

Watched the LB Marathon as it passes by our place

and of course, we went to the Grand Prix

It's made my commute a little longer (about an hour a day longer to be exact) but I think it's pretty worth it to be able to relax on the beach. It's especially fun on the 4th of July when the fireworks show is directly in front of us. New Years Eve is fun too but a LOT colder (BRRRR!!!)

We've really enjoyed the last year and look forward to another one or more in this home.

I absolutely LOVE my ward here in Long Beach. Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly that I feel like I've always been there. Justin just finished Paramedic school (YAY) so we are hoping he gets picked up by a local fire dept so we can stay. Otherwise we will probably have to move out of state (Fingers crossed everyone because we love it here...and all the kids in the family love to visit the "Beach House").